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The Great GraphQL Compass

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The Great GraphQL Compass

Ayrton Vargas Witcel Fidelis
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Design, build and deploy Apollo Server with confidence with this library of resources.

Covering: Schema design, Security, Code Design, DataLoader, Data Sources, Performance, Observability, Caching, Testing, Directives, Deploy, Input Validation, Internals, Auth.


Have you ever shipped something and months later discovered some good piece of information that you wish you had early on, that would have saved you time, energy, money, that would make this thing you shipped more secure, reliable, pleasant to use?

There's a lot of content in the internet for us to learn anything we want... until we actually need to learn something. The content is unorganized, spread all over blogs, newsletters, repositories. It's easy to get started but hard to feel that you have a solid knowledge base that covers the important parts that will lead you to succeed on building something production ready.

That's specially true for the GraphQL community. It's a moving target as any technology in active development from this decade.

This guide means to provide you with the resources you need to feel confident on building, shipping, maintaining and evolving you GraphQL server. We use Apollo Server here as a common point of reference, but almost all of the content here would apply to any other server implementation you'll definitely try out there.

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Collection of Apollo Server resources organized with tags, description url and cover image. React with Love and Read Later to see it on these lists.

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